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From the Spanish plateresco, in the manner of a silversmith, from platero, silversmith, from plata, silver.


  1. Pertaining to an ornate style of architecture of 16th century Spain suggestive of silver plate.

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thumb|250px|Seville Town Hall facadePlateresque refers to the 15th and 16th century art form in Spain, characterized by an ornate style of architecture. This form was soon transferred to Spanish-owned colonies in America. The terms means, "in the manner of a silversmith." Distinct examples of the style include the Royal Chapel of the Granada Cathedral, Monterrey Palace in Salamanca, the House of Shells )La Casa de Conchas) in Salamanca, the façades of Seville Town Hall, the Universities of Salamanca and Alcalá de Henares. The artistic form is derived from the work of the Italian Renaissance. Plateresque comes from a Spanish word platero, meaning silversmith, and relates to the style because of the delicate execution of its ornaments. This form of art originated from Spain.
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